Get the power of iPower... Supply Chain solutions that save you money

Think of all the products your company purchases each month to keep your plants and equipment running. Think of all the direct materials you require at the right place, at the right time, to keep your production processes moving. Think of all the time and manpower costs in managing vendors, processing requisitions, issuing purchase orders and paying invoices.

From single commodity management to complete integrated supply and vendor managed inventory programs, iPower Distribution Group can offer you customized supply chain solutions to reduce your total procurement costs and on-hand inventory while improving service quality.

iPower Distribution Group is a national network of leading regional suppliers of complementary industrial products who have combined their resources. Individually, each iPower Distribution Group member company provides first tier local stocking and the local technical product expertise and services you need. Collectively, we deliver the management, commerce, technology and collaboration tools under a single umbrella to help you achieve your organization's goals.

iPower not only talks about reducing costs--we deliver. No one has more experience or has had more success in helping its customers deliver savings to the bottom line. That is the Power of iPower.

Did you know that often 45% of each procurement dollar relates to costs other than piece price? Inventory carrying, transaction costs, obsolescence and other costs make up the balance. iPower Distribution Group's flexible programs are designed to bring you total cost of procurement.

An iPower Distribution Group implementation team will work with you to analyze your company's purchase needs and inventory procedures. Together, we develop a plan that takes advantage of the vast iPower Distribution Group supply network capabilities to accomplish the following goals:

Savings through Inventory Optimization

Inventory Analysis
Most companies have far more inventory on their shelves then they need -- a practice that directly impacts the bottom line. iPower has the experience and technical capability to optimize your on-hand inventory and improve customer service levels by:

  • Analyzing existing inventory and activity
  • Identifying manufacturing preferences
  • Standardizing and reducing the number of manufacturers
  • Standardizing part numbers among facilities
  • Setting appropriate re-order points
  • Improving the overall inventory system
  • Delivering inventory on a just-in-time basis

    Inventory Reduction
    Eliminate excess inventory through:

  • Inventory liquidation of excess or obsolete parts
  • Identification and reduction of obsolete inventory
  • Inventory burn-down

    Form, Fit and Function Analysis
    Our team of engineers will analyze your inventory needs and, where appropriate, recommend lower cost, alternative products that meet all form, fit and function requirements. It is not uncommon for this analysis to produce price savings of 10% or more.

    Product Standardization
    We can help you understand what you buy and where you buy it. Whether you operate a single or multiple site operation, product standardization often leads to additional savings opportunities through better price negotiations, stock sharing and volume discounts.

    Transactional Savings
    The total cost of inventory ownership includes far more than the piece price of an item. Administrative processes including requisitioning, ordering, and payment processing all add to your total inventory costs. And, these labor-intensive, paper-based processes add little value. iPower can implement its tools and procedures to streamline your procurement process and reduce unnecessary costs.

    Process improvements may include:

  • Electronic ordering
  • Single point order entry systems
  • Consolidated invoicing
  • Consolidated payment
  • Point-of-use replenishment
  • Procurement cards
  • Vendor managed inventory
  • Storeroom management
  • Consignment programs
  • Stockroom reorganization
  • Bar code technology
  • Internet catalog development and order entry
  • Kanban systems automation

    Information That Makes a Difference
    One of the most important ways to ensure long-term and continuous cost reduction is to provide meaningful reports and documentation in order to make ongoing adjustments and improvements that will add to your company's bottom line. Over 30 standard reports coupled with custom report capabilities, give you the information you need, when you need it.

    Value-Added Services
    iPower can not only provide you with the high-quality products you need but also the value-added services to support those products. While many of our competitors simply sell commodities, we provide a customized program of services to help get the most out of the products to help you reduce your total cost of product ownership. Depending on your needs, we can provide:

  • Product kitting
  • Design and build outsourcing
  • Engineering consultation
  • Product training
  • On-site supply chain or stockroom management
  • Product standardization and consolidation
  • Data scrubbing
  • Attributed data building

    First Tier Suppliers
    Unlike many competitors, iPower Distribution Group companies are first tier suppliers. Direct relationships with original equipment manufacturers means we can provide the comprehensive product support and engineering that you need.