About iPower
iPower Distribution Group, LLC is a provider of technology, national marketing programs and services to a network of independent industrial distributors and their end-user customers. iPower's products and services allow distributors of complimentary maintenance, repair and operating goods ("MRO") to act in concert to provide integrated supply services under the iPower trademark.

What iPower Does
Through its distributor network, iPower provides a total business system and broad array of industrial products and services to customers implementing integrated supply and strategic sourcing programs. iPower's proprietary electronic commerce software technology integrates a comprehensive stockroom inventory management system implemented at end customers' plants and facilities with its network's member. iPower's national marketing efforts pursue supply contracts on behalf of its distributor members. iPower's national technical and operations team provide technology and back office operations in support of its network members.

The iPower Network
The iPower network consists of independently owned regional distributors of industrial MRO products. The network covers a broad range of supplies, including electrical, safety and industrial products, hydraulics and pneumatics, bearing and power transmission parts, pipes, valves and fittings, fasteners and other items from brand-name manufacturers. iPower has over 175 distributors in its network who represent a combined total of over $11 billion in sales.

Customer Benefits
The iPower system streamlines inventory ordering, reduces paperwork, increases inventory controls, rationalizes suppliers and reduces the total cost of inventory procurement and management. iPower's integrated supply platform has allowed customers to reduce their procurement costs by 20 to 40 percent, while reducing inventory by up to 70 percent. iPower's one-stop purchasing approach allows companies with strategic vision to focus on their core business operations.

How iPower's business system works
The iPower operations team manages our electronic commerce data platform, iCore, at our Operations Hub hosted in Miami, Florida. "Back-office" functions related to our supply programs are either automated or performed by the iPower staff. Those functions include: customer order routing, item sourcing, database management, reporting and measurement, invoice consolidation, billing and cash reconciliation. Internet-based software tools allow network members and customers access to needed functionality and information from their desktop. The operations staff also provides technical, operation and implementation support to our network members and customers. The iPower supply chain solution and associated web sites also provides electronic catalog hosting management and connections to other electronic exchanges.

Distributor Locations
iPower is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. iPower network members are strategically located throughout the United States and in Canada. Each regional group of distributors provides a complete local supply channel with immediate technical support and engineering assistance.

iPower currently serves dozens of large industrial customers across the United States and Canada. End user customers include ESAB, Parker Hannifin, Goss International, Perkin Elmer, Brooks Automation and The Hinckley Company.

iPower was founded in 1994 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Parker Hannifin Corporation. In July 2000, iPower became an independent company.