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Procurement Management
iPower offers a number of products and services to streamline the procurement process and enable connectivity to existing procurement or business systems.

iZap - Barcode Data Collection and Bin Replenishment System
iZap is a proven barcode scanner based replenishment tool running on Symbol SPT1800 and SPT1550 Palm based scanners as well as Symbol 6100 legacy platform scanners.

Operated by either a supplier outside sales representative or supplier on-site personnel through a Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) program, or by your own personnel, the scanner system may be used to place immediate orders that are automatically routed to the designated supplier for fulfillment.

iZap Features

  • Palm or legacy data collection programs to capture the demand signal
  • Rapid setup and go live: assess, label, load item database, test, go live in days…
  • Central communications server by dial up or network (IP) supports order routing
  • Email order confirmations to supplier and customer
  • Supplier order forwarding via email, ftp, EDI (Electronic Data Interchange)
  • Web browser based item data maintenance - upload batch for import, adds, edits, deletes on line
  • Web browser based order inquiry and expediting
  • Flexible supplier specific order formats (EDI, 3rd Party (Tribute, DISC, Prophet 21, etc...), flat file)
  • Customer and supplier access to web site for data management and order inquiry
  • Brandable web site look and feel by customer or supplier allows for the creation of branded communities controlled by either supplier or customer
  • Periodic supplier performance and system throughput reporting delivered by email in PDF format
  • All functionality except data collection, device synchronization and bar code printing delivered centrally on an ASP (Application Service Provider) model - minimal software to manage and lower start up costs
  • Note - the iZap solution has also been marketed as Sonic Chain Buyer, Sonic Chain Supplier, Par-Zap (Parker Hannifin Corporation users and distributors), and eZap.

iCustomer - Storeroom Management Software
Our effective proprietary software will help you manage your inventory levels and the ordering process. iCustomer offers a complete set of reporting tools to keep track of the performance of your inventories and suppliers.

  • On time Delivery Performance
  • Fill Rate Performance
  • Open Orders and Expedite Summary
  • Inventory Valuation
  • Purchase Activity and Product Usage Analysis

iCore - Back Office Transaction Routing and Management Software
Our iCore back office system acts as a central switch that routes Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) based transactions between customers and their suppliers. The system is built to provide interoperability with numerous procurement systems including:

  • MRP Systems
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems
  • e-Procurement Systems
  • Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS)
  • Inventory Management Systems
  • Barcode Scanning Based Systems
The iCore software architecture includes a robust database management system and business logic-processing engine. The iCore system provides the ability to generate reports for the status of purchase orders and invoices. The system also offers an Internet-based user interface to manage purchase order changes or modifications.